About Us

Our Vision

Empowered leaders using process renovation to amplify success in their organizations by integrating long-term solutions. 
Building strong, lasting client relationships and helping them to establish a balance between sustainability, efficiency, and efficacy.

The PRC Team - Adam, Sara & Doug

As a family business we created Process Renovation to help leaders caught in the daily grind step back and get perspective. We believe organizations should consistently evolve their processes to successfully meet the changing needs of the world.

With our combined 80 years of experience we bring practiced methodologies to empower our clients to be more resilient and achieve their strategic goals. We explore with our clients ways to renovate current processes to build personalized solutions.

  • 40+ years of business ownership and C-suite level management
  • 25+ years of food service
  • 10+ years of accounting
  • 24+ years of sales
  • 27+ years of consulting
  • 19+ years of nonprofit board service

Our Team

Business Process Consultant

As a former Chief Operating Officer who built a career on extensive consulting and sales experience in tech, manufacturing and logistics, Doug brings informed and insightful perspective to clients’ challenges. He is well versed in helping clients find the right questions to clarify their situation and guiding them to develop adaptive solutions.


Chicago Bears, Hammockology, social justice

Places He Volunteers

Habitat for Humanity, Illinois Interfaith Challenge Committee

Certified Process Consultant

While growing her first service business, Sara earned an Illinois Professional MBA. Becoming a Certified Process Consultant combined her vision of helping people and her community flourish with her business background. She uses her unique style of collaborative consulting to assist clients in developing innovative and robust processes.


Macro-photography, native plants, feline companions, buying local

Places She Volunteers

Habitat for Humanity, Eat Play Love Meetup Community

Restaurant Consultant

With 18+ years in the food service industry, working in varied business models he intentionally experienced the industry from many angles including expediting dishwashing, delivery, prep, serving, cooking, management, and recipe creation. Adam’s long-held desire is to help leaders improve production & control methods, hiring, onboarding & retaining employees for a sustainable future.


Traveling to explore different cuisines, video games TTRPGs, Twitch, and reading

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